Experience the
authentic taste
of Spain

Welcome to Casa Naranjo, our restaurant in Shrewsbury, an authentic slice of Spain. 

Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic journey where the love for Spanish food and drink comes to life. Our exceptional chef, a master in the culinary arts, will transport you through genuine and exciting flavours. 

From traditional tapas to gourmet dishes, each bite is a celebration of authentic Spanish cuisine. At Casa Naranjo, our commitment is to provide you with an unforgettable experience that will keep you coming back. Discover the charm of Spain in the heart of Shrewsbury.

Experience the
authentic taste
of Spain

it all

Explore the essence of Spain in every bite with our exclusive “Fiesta Menu”. Our restaurant in Shrewsbury offers, from authentic tapas to exquisite main courses, each choice reflects the passion and culinary mastery at Casa Naranjo.

A delight for the senses.

Come to the finest restaurant in Shrewsbury, where you'll experience the joy of Spain in our cuisine, our service, and the most delightful ambiance imaginable.
We look forward to welcoming you at Casa Naranjo!

Barracks Passage,
73C Wyle Cop,
Shrewsbury SY1 1XA, UK

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